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September 22, 2016


Veronica Cardello


Bernstine Announces "No Perks" Pledge


Republican State House candidate Aaron Bernstine today signed a “No Perks Pledge,” vowing to turn down the costly extras which members of the general assembly have charged taxpayers as a way to pad their incomes.

Bernstine said he won’t accept a taxpayer-leased automobile, will reject the lavish defined-benefits state pension career lawmakers enjoy, and will turn down the no-receipt expense accounts called per diems that pay lawmakers an extra $159 for each day the legislature is in session.

Incumbent State Rep. Jaret Gibbons was recently identified in a news report as the second-costliest user of per diems in the entire House during 2015. Gibbons ran up $29,573 in per diems during a time period that included the state’s nine-month budget standoff, according to Harrisburg television station ABC27.

“I would like to challenge Rep. Gibbons to reform himself and sign the same pledge,” Bernstine said. “But it also would mean he should pay back the tens of thousands of extra taxpayer dollars he used to pad his $85,338.65-a-year salary.”

The Bernstine “No Perks Pledge” includes the following commitments:

No per diem expense account. Bernstine has pledged to bill only for legitimate expenses and submit receipts so voters can keep track of not only how much their legislator is submitting for reimbursement, but why.

No taxpayer-financed state pension. Bernstine has pledged to term limit himself and has promised to decline a state pension. The current defined-benefit state pension system surpasses the retirement benefits available to most taxpayers.

No taxpayer leased car. Bernstine has pledged to keep track of his business mileage and not accept the state-leased car provided to legislators.




For Immediate Release
August 15, 2016


Veronica Cardello


Bernstine issues statement on conviction of Attorney General Kathleen Kane

State House candidate Aaron Bernstine issued the following statement on the criminal conviction of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane:

“The past 24 months have seen a cascade of criminal charges against top officials, including two former state treasurers, a half-dozen members of the General Assembly, and now the state’s top law enforcement official.

“The pattern of corruption, self-dealing, and the cynicism that it engenders has done incalculable damage to state government and deepened the chasm of mistrust between citizens and their elected officials. It is shameful that Attorney General Kathleen Kane now stands convicted of nine counts, stretching from perjury to obstruction. It is astonishing that, even after her criminal indictment and the suspension of her law license, she was permitted to remain in office, where she was free to terrorize honest staff.

“Career politicians and Harrisburg insiders gave us this mess, and I remain committed to bringing an outsider’s perspective to reform the culture of state government and rebuild it into an institution worthy of the peoples’ trust.”



For Immediate Release
April 21, 2016


Veronica Cardello


GOP Youth Organizations / Leaders Endorse Bernstine

Republican state House candidate Aaron Bernstine received a quartet of endorsement from party youth organizations and leaders, including the Pennsylvania Young Republicans, the Butler County Young Republicans, the president of Slippery Rock University College Republicans, and the president of Geneva College Republicans.

“His policy views embody our common Republican beliefs,” said Pennsylvania Young Republicans Chairwoman, Sarah Curtin. “He’s fiscally conservative, pro‐growth and has a strong sense of traditional values. He is also pro‐Second Amendment, pro‐life and is committed to promoting individual liberty and opportunity for every resident of the 10th District.”

Bernstine, a Lawrence County businessman and farmer, is seeking the Republican nomination for the Pennsylvania House 10th District in the April 26 Primary.

“We’re nearing another graduation season at Slippery Rock and the biggest issue for our members is a single word: jobs. Aaron is the only candidate who has been talking about ways to encourage the private sector to create the kind of job growth we need for graduates to stay here in western Pennsylvania,” said Jessica Johnson, president of the Slippery Rock College Republicans.

John Lerda, president of the Geneva College Republicans, said Bernstine’s background in both private sector business and agriculture make him a fit for the region.

“His pledge to serve a limited number of terms, and to not take perks like the state car, state pension, and no-receipt expense account are a big selling point to me as a party member,” Lerda said.

Bernstine has gathered a fistful of endorsements in the past month, including Beaver County Sheriff Tony Guy, Beaver County Coroner Dave Gabauer, Lawrence County Commissioner Dan Vogler, and former U.S. Rep Melissa Hart. Earlier this week, Bernstine was endorsed in the primary by The Beaver County Times, one of the region’s leading newspapers.
Bernstine, his wife Ilia, and their son, Dierks, live on their 107-acre farm in New Beaver, Lawrence County.



For Immediate Release
April 18, 2016


Contact: Veronica Cardello

Commissioner Dan Vogler Endorses Bernstine for PA House Race

Lawrence County Commissioner Chairman Dan Vogler today endorsed conservative Republican Aaron Bernstine for the GOP nomination for state House in the 10th District, citing his business experience and commitment to reform.

“Aaron Bernstine’s success as a businessman shows two things: an understanding of how organizations work and the ability to solve complex problems,” Vogler said. “This means Aaron is the best candidate in terms of understanding the needs of counties that rely on the state for so many programs.”

Bernstine, a businessman and farmer, has also pledged to turn down lavish perks enjoyed by other House members, including incumbent Democrat Jarret Gibbons. His promise includes turning down the taxpayer-leased automobile, rejecting the $159-per-day no-receipt expense account called “per diems,” and declining a state pension. Additionally, Aaron has committed to serve no more than 8 years in the PA House of Representatives.

“As someone who approaches elected office as a form of public service, Aaron’s decision to reject these perks sends a strong signal about his character and idealism,” Vogler said.

Bernstine, his wife Ilia, and their son, Dierks, live on their 107-acre farm in New Beaver, Lawrence County.



For Immediate Release
March 10, 2016


Contact: Veronica Cardello


Beaver County Leaders (Coroner Gabauer and Sheriff Guy) Endorse Bernstine for State House

Two prominent, reform-minded elected officials in Beaver County have endorsed area businessman and livestock farmer Aaron Bernstine in his campaign for the state legislature.

Beaver County Coroner David Gabauer and Sheriff Tony Guy have both issued statements saying Bernstine will bring needed reforms to Harrisburg as a state House member representing the 10th Legislative District. The District comprises portions of Beaver, Lawrence, and Butler Counties.

“I think the voters in Beaver County have already shown they are weary of business-as-usual. That’s what makes Aaron Bernstine the perfect fit for a district that’s been neglected for too long,” Gabauer said. He noted that Bernstine’s conservative principles and opposition to the Wolf administration’s proposed income tax hikes “fit perfectly with the region’s values.”

Guy was elected sheriff last year after a 25-year career with the Pennsylvania State Police, and cited Aaron’s strong support of law enforcement, as well as what he called Bernstine’s “commonsense conservatism” when it comes to governing.

“With his experience in the private sector, Aaron brings a fresh approach that is necessary to lead reforms in Harrisburg,” Guy said. “I am proud to endorse Aaron Bernstine, and know that he will serve each of us with honor and integrity.”

Bernstine is a longtime businessman who also runs a 107-acre farm in New Beaver Borough, Lawrence County. He was endorsed earlier this year by former Congresswoman Melissa Hart, a highly regarded Republican leader in western Pennsylvania.

Bernstine and his wife Ilia have a year-old son, Dierks.




For Immediate Release
January 20, 2016


Contact: Veronica Cardello

Former U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart Endorses Bernstine in 10th District

Campaign Releases Strong Fourth Quarter Fundraising Results

Former Congresswoman Melissa Hart today endorsed conservative Lawrence County businessman and farmer Aaron Bernstine for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives, 10th district. This marks the first major endorsement in the Republican primary.


Hart, who served the 4th Congressional District, which encompasses the 10th State House district, was the first Republican woman to serve in the state’s congressional delegation. She also served in the Pennsylvania State Senate, winning the seat in an upset race in 1990.


“The ongoing scandal and budget gridlock in Harrisburg demands a fresh voice to speak to the conservative values and traditions of western Pennsylvania. In an atmosphere where government seems dysfunctional, Aaron Bernstine is a guy who can make it work,” Hart said.


Hart’s endorsement comes as the Bernstine campaign will report more than $25,000 raised in the fourth quarter of 2015, a large amount for the early stages of a first-time candidacy. Bernstine has held additional fundraisers since that date.


“I am humbled by the strong financial support, endorsements, and large number of people who want to volunteer on our campaign from around the district,” Bernstine said.


Bernstine noted that his fundraising included 187 individual donors. “This shows we’re attracting a wide base of supporters. Many of our contributors have never donated to a political campaign. They are ready to be part of a movement that brings integrity and common sense to Harrisburg. I am honored to have them on our team,” he said.



For Immediate Release

January 5, 2016


Contact: Veronica Cardello



Local Businessman, Aaron Bernstine, announces run for State House


New Beaver Borough - Businessman and farmer Aaron Bernstine today announced that he will seek the Republican nomination for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 10th District.


The district comprises parts of Beaver, Butler and Lawrence Counties, and embraces what Bernstine termed “core, Western Pennsylvania values that have been ignored for too long by Harrisburg.”


“The unprecedented budget gridlock and continuing ethics scandals in Harrisburg are an insult to the hard-work and high-principles found in places like the 10th District,” Bernstine said. “I am running because the special interests and bureaucrats in state government need to hear our voices, not an echo of their own.”


Bernstine, 31, of New Beaver Borough, laid out five-point agenda for the district, including job growth, education reform, limiting spending, government reform, and a defense of the values shared by the people of Beaver, Butler and Lawrence counties.


“People in this district believe in an honest day’s work, value education, and know that the government is supposed to work for them, not the other way around,” Bernstine said. “That message hasn’t been carried to the Capitol.. It’s time for someone to speak for the working families of our district.”


As a state House member, Bernstine said he will decline a taxpayer-leased vehicle, opt out of the state pension system, and reject the un-vouchered $157 daily per diem many state lawmakers receive on top of their $84,012 annual salary.


“Nobody pays a private sector employee extra just for showing up at work,” Bernstine said. “The boss doesn’t buy them a car for their commute, and they don’t receive a lavish, taxpayer funded pension. But Harrisburg lifers, including the incumbent, expect taxpayers to subsidize the government class. It’s time for a change and, and when elected will lead by example.”


Aaron earned a degree in business management from Penn State and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. He lives on his 107-acre farm in New Beaver Borough with his wife, Ilia, and their son, Dierks.


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