About Aaron Bernstine


Raised in Western Pennsylvania and schooled in our values of hard work, common sense, and personal integrity, Aaron Bernstine has built a life around family and public service.


Aaron is a farmer, businessman, and entrepreneur, with a degree in business management from Penn State and an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh. Aaron has spent most of his professional career working for ADP in the field of human capital management, positively affecting the lives of both employers and employees. Aaron also has experience in working with start up companies and overcoming the challenges that they face.


His policy views are firmly grounded in beliefs traditional to our region: fiscally conservative, pro-growth, and a strong sense of traditional values. Aaron is pro-Second Amendment,  pro-Life, and is committed to promoting individual liberty and opportunity for every resident of the 10th District.


He divides his professional time between his work for ADP, his small businesses, and the rolling 107-acre farm where his family raises livestock. His off-work hours focus on his wife, Ilia, and their son, Dierks.


Outside the house, Aaron is like so many others from the district. He’s an avid sportsman, a volunteer for local charities, and attends church on Sundays. He is also an adjunct professor at The University of Pittsburgh and relishes the opportunity to mentor young adults who are starting their journeys into the professional world.